15,000 NON GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, 42 Variety Pack, Survival Garden – Premium USA Seeds by Claix Garden



Happy Gardening!

CLAIX GARDEN premium quality easy to grow assortment of organic vegetable and salad fruit seeds provide the best way to start your own indoor or outdoor sustainable garden to support a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the amazing benefits of a well-balanced nutritious diet and delicious fresh meals all year round!

Gardening is a fun way to communicate with nature and Earth. It is a meditation, good for our minds and souls. At CLAIX GARDEN our mission is to plant the seeds of health, well-being, and sustainability for future generations.

Our survival seed vault not only contains twice the amount of seeds than competition enough for multiple plantings, but it also offers a larger carefully picked variety collection of vegetable seeds and leafy green plant species that are tested for every major US climate zone:

Asparagus – Mary Washington
Beets – Detroit Dark Red
Bell Pepper – California Wonder
Broccoli – Waltham 29
Brussels Sprouts – Long Island
Bush Beans – Blue Lake
Butternut Squash
Cabbage – Golden Acre
Cantaloupe – Hales Best Jumbo
Carrot – Danvers
Carrot – Scarlet Nantes
Cauliflower – Snowball Y
Celery – Tall Utah
Cherry Tomato – Large Cherry
Corn – Golden Bantam
Cucumber – Marketmore
Eggplant – Black Beauty
Green Bean – Provider
Pepper – Jalapeno M Hot
Kale – Blue Curled Scotch
Lettuce – Iceberg
Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce – Ruby Leaf
Lima Beans – Henderson
Okra – Clemson Spineless
Onion – Red Burgundy
Onion – Yellow Utah Sweet
Peas – Green Arrow
Pinto Beans – Shell
Pumpkin – Sugar Pie
Radish – Cherry Belle
Scallion – Green Bunching
Snap Peas – Sugar Snap
Spinach – Bloomsdale
Squash –Straight Neck
Sunflower – Mammoth
Swiss Chard – Fordhook
Tomato – Beefsteak
Turnip – Purple Top
Watermelon – Sugar Baby
Zucchini – DarkGreen

Easily store for up to 25 years. Happy Growing!

🌱 42 UNIQUE SURVIVAL GARDEN SEED VARIETY PACKS: Our diverse vegetable seed bank has a large selection of the most popular abundant producer types of fruits and vegetables seeds for planting and satisfying even the picky eaters in your family!
🌱 SAFE & CHEMICAL FREE SEEDS TO FEED YOUR FAMILY: Your loved ones will eat quality food harvested straight from your home garden, yard or indoor garden for many years. Thanks to our 100% open-pollinated, non-GMO, non-hybrid, and heirloom seeds.
🌱 TESTED FOR HIGH GERMINATION RATE: Knowing how satisfying it is for you to sow a single seed and see it sprout and grow quickly, we made sure our assorted open pollinated seed vault is high germination and yield approved.
🌱 GREAT GIFT FOR GARDENERS, CHEFS, SURVIVALIST & EVEN KIDS: Treat yourself or surprise a beginner gardener or a green thumb friend with this survival vegetables starter seeds collection and bless them with a gift of flavor that keeps on giving.
🌱 AIRTIGHT & MOISTURE PROOF PREMIUM PACKAGING: Each seed variety is individually sealed and contained in a waterproof reusable heavy-duty Mylar pouch that shields seeds from temperature, moisture, and light to maintain freshness and allow long term storage.
🌱 ENOUGH VEGETABLE SEEDS FOR MULTIPLE GROWING SEASONS: Grow some of your 15000 seeds with crops that grow during both cool and summer seasons in outdoor garden beds or in hydroponic systems like aero garden pods and save the rest for later.
🌱 USA SEEDS, NATURALLY GROWN, CURRENT 2020 CROP YEAR: All of our vegetable planting seeds are sourced right from our homeland US certified small organic seed growers, family farms and cooperatives who meet our high standards for germination & purity.


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