ComfortTrim Leg Guards for Weed Eating, Trimming & Mowing Comfort Trim



Cutting edge durable light weight solution to an age old problem of dirty legs when operating a string trimmer or mowing. with our new patent pending no sweat breathable design. Now you can keep your shins cool, clean, and comfortable while trimming, they slip on easily whether you wear jean or shorts. They are so light you hardly know you have them on. helps protect against tiny pebbles, thorns, dirt and other common unwanted light debris, when operating a string trimmer or mower. They are designed and made by an American owned company. They are durable and built to last for years. Be sure to get your pair today, Because we know that if you wear them once you will wear them every time. They can also be used for gardening, hiking and many other uses.

Keeps You Clean, Cool & Comfortable—Nothing Else Like Them
The 1 inch Patented Comfort Band is the only thing that touch’s your skin
Protects your legs while wearing Shorts or keeps you Clean wearing Jeans
Completely adjustable for almost any one. Durable, Light weight easy clean design
Are You Trimming-N-Comfort


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