Kevlar-Arm-Sleeves, MOKEYDOU Cut & Heat Proof Sleeve with Thumb Holes, 18″ Inch Long Safety Arm Guide (Flexible Lighter washable) Mechanic Sleeves for Men, Women 1Pair-Yellow



Product Description

mokeydou arm protection sleevesmokeydou arm protection sleeves


The cut resisitant sleeves is made of crossover of kaffra and cotton. It has a certain anti-cutting ability and can reduce the damage from sharp materials such as daggers, triangular scrapers, glass, and stone.Protect your arms from slashed, scratched, attached.


1. Cut-proof cuffs provide users with the greatest degree of protection against cutting damage, not under the guidance of non-professionals to conduct kinds of testing, so as not to give people cause unnecessary harm.

2. Please do not use under the temperature less than 30 ℃ or greater than 140 ℃, Sleeves are easily pierced near a moving jagged blade, it’s not waterproof so don’t use this glove for chemical protection.

3.If the sleeve is dirty, you can use detergents such as Dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent to clean it. Do not use detergents such as bleach. It will damage the dye and the sleeve will change color. If the sleeve you bought is yellow, do not expose to the sun after washing, it will change color, but it will not affect the use

protective sleeves for armsprotective sleeves for arms

sleeves to cover arms

sleeves to cover arms

kevlar arm sleeves

kevlar arm sleeves

arm sleeves for men

arm sleeves for men

Two Ways to Wear

The special design of safety arm sleeves is the thumb slot, which ensure sleeves always stay in right place and promise hands work flexiblely without any burdensome.The thumb hole design is smart and comfortable to wear.

Breathable & Comfortable

Breathable and without a rough feel, making your arms have very little sweat. Can be washed by hand or washing machine.Please don’t get close to the fire

Higt Elasticity

Elastic design,say goodbye to tight wearing

Wrist tightening more comfortable.
Arms tightening more comfortable;
The tight seal keep insulation from traveling down your arms and does not slip.

arm sleeves

arm sleeves

kevlar arm sleeves

kevlar arm sleeves

arm protective sleeves

arm protective sleeves

arm protection sleeves for menarm protection sleeves for men

√ Cutting tool manufacturing, handling, packaging, inspection and operation protection.

√ Stamping factory protection of steel plate forging operations.

√ Glass cutting, handling, assembly operations and security guards.

√ Food factory slaughtering and cutting operations protection hand protection and so on.

Premium Cut Resistant Sleeves: Uses the safety material same with bulletproof clothing. After completed seamless weaving, we deliberately added glass fibers which are good at cut-proof properties to increase its cut-stab-proof performance. The material doesn’t contain any carcinogenic or toxic substances. Please use it with confidence.
Double-Ply Protection: Offer extra layer protects, knitted, seamless, and construction conforms to the arm for a snug fit. 18″ long and flexibility size not only man but a woman.
Stretch Fabric with Thumb Slot Design: To secure their position on the arm of the wearer, making sure that they don’t ride up and expose the forearm between the glove and sleeve.
Widely Applications: Suit for air conditioning manufacturing, assembly line, cut protection, food service, glass handling, knife chainsaw handling, light heat protection, warehousing, gardening. It helps prevent scrapes and dog cat scratches, cut resistant protection, abrasion resistant, anti-slash, skin Irritations, and heat resistant.
Highly Flexible, Soft and Lightweight: Our cut resistant sleeves which is the lightweight, flexible operation, not too hard, no sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.


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