Plants Are Terrible People


The garden is a strange place. Any gardener who’s been around the hedge and back could tell you that. But never has it been more absurd than within these pages. From the addled mind that brought you “Twenty Reasons Not To Garden (And Why I Ignore Them All)”, comes a new volume of hilarious and heartfelt dispatches from the strangest garden in the land. Get ready for a mad dash through the weeds with this collection of essays, what-ifs, and uproarious nonsense. Along the way, you’ll dodge undead conifers, Serious Gardeners in the wild, and one doozy of a water bill. Stick around, and you might just meet an extraordinary rutabaga named Kevin. Hold on for dear life with humorist and professional Plant Guy, Luke Ruggenberg, as he guides readers through a gauntlet of horticultural mischief, provoking laughter, commiseration, and rumination in turn. Make it through, and you’ll never look at the garden the same way again.


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