SaphiRose Garden Tools Set – 42 Piece Gardening Gifts Tools with Hand Digging Weeder,Trowel,Pruners,Transplanter,Hand rake,Cultivator,Sprayer,Storage Organizer,Garden Gloves Gifts for Women Men



Product Description

garden shoesgarden shoes

garden tool setgarden tool set

Quality Garden Tool Set

plant flowersplant flowers

How to choose suitable quality garden tools

1.For trowel: the strength of the trowel itself, and the comfort of the handle.

2.For Cultivator: choose a cultivator with strong curved tines and a comfortable handle.

3.For Transplant Trowel: Clear Thick Marks.

Besides the above, the protection of gloves is simply a must for many.

Sturdy & Durable & Do not bent


Thickened Aluminum Alloy

Sturdy Heavy Duty Gardening Gifts Tools Set with Comfort Rubber Grip


The quality garden tool set with ultra-fine polished cast aluminum alloy are completely rust-resistant, extremely sturdy, and easy to clean and store.

The rubberized grips with ergonomically-design handle can reduce wrist and hand strain, as well provides better grip at neutral position. It is a perfect gift for gardening lover, gardeners and kids.

Enjoy flowers/ vegetables / fruits all season.

Rust-resistant garden tool kit

Toughness, sharp and durable

Ultra-fine polished cast aluminum alloy

Suitable for gardeners, gardening lovers, kids and family

Ergonomically Handles

Easy to Clean

Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel

transplant trowel

transplant trowel

Cultivator hand rake

Cultivator hand rake

Hand Trowel with Comfort handle

Using hand trowel to dig jobs like planting, transplanting, tilling soil, chopping through tough roots, compacted soil and so on. The tools heads are made of sturdy material that won’t bend under pressure (rust-resistant heavy duty aluminum alloy with comfort grip handles).

Transplant Trowel with Clear Thick Marks

The transplant trowel is perfect for transplanting small plants and flowers. Large clear thick inch and centimeter marks insure seeds, bulbs and small plants are set to exactly the depth.

Cultivator Hand Rake with Hanging hole

The cultivator hand rake can break up soil, clean up waste, loosen soil, uproot weeds remove weeds, mix soil with fertilizer, plant annuals and give the planting beds a tidy raked look. The three garden tool all have hanging hole, it is convenient to storage.

hand frok

hand frok

garden gloves

garden gloves

garden gloves durable

garden gloves durable

Hand Garden Fork

An efficient sturdy tool for turning soil, garden forks can dig into dense soil better than a spade. rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel material, sturdy forks with a slight curve to the spines are useful for scooping mulch or turning compost piles, much like a pitchfork.

Durable Garden Gloves

SaphiRose garden gloves are durable but not too bulky, especially for working with seeds or transplanting seedlings. Raking with the garden gloves without worrying about getting any cuts and blisters.

Claw Gardening Gloves

Gloves with claw make digging easy, gloves no claw is flexible and suitable for grading. Latex rubber coating on palms, fingers, and the back of the hand over the knuckles, keep hands and fingernails clean and dry. avoid blisters and calluses, prevent cuts and scrapes.

garden tool set

garden tool set

garden tool kit

garden tool kit

SaphiRose garden tool set

SaphiRose garden tool set




Hand pruners (secateurs), help reign in plants that are getting out of control and taking over. Anvil-style pruners cut with a sharp blade meeting a flat surface. Pruners cut with a sharp blade passing by a sharp-edged flat surface, more like scissors. a flexible switch button, you can easily open and lock the pruner, which ensure safety for use.

Rotary adjustment nozzle

You need a precise hand sprayer. easy adjust, durable makes this perfect for: spraying oil, misting veggies. Give your plants a gentle rain shower with a sprayer.

Plant Rope

The practical plant rope can be used as garden twist tie, securing plants, vines, shrubs and flowers to trellis, stakes, or other supports.

Garden Seeder

The practical & Inexpensive device lets you sow small seeds quickly. It is generally well liked by those with small gardens, and those planting medium or large seeds (corn, peas, beans, etc).

All In One 42 PCS Garden Tool Set: SaphiRose Garden Tool Set Contains 1* trowel, 1* transplanter, 1* hand rake, 1* cultivator, 1* weeder, 1* pruner, 1* sprayer, 1* plant rope,8* butterfly garden stakes, 20* plant tags label, 1* garden seeder, 1* garden gloves with claws(2 PCS),1* garden gloves(2 PCS),1* garden carrying tote organizer.
Ergonomic Design Frip Handles: The hand garden tools are made of rust-resistant aluminum Stainless Steel with a soft-rubber material, no-slip grip handle. The ergonomically design meets the highest standards in comfort for your hands.The comfortable rubber handle is ergonomically designed to relieve stress on the wrists and hands.The practical handle hanging hole is designed for hanging and storage.
Convenient & Handy Gardening Tools Kit: The hand garden storage bag is made of high-quality cotton and polyester for durability and easy cleaning. It has elastic loops to help keep tools in place,and it include 8 convenient side pockets for easy access to carry your accessories during indoor or outdoor planting.This convenient tote is the perfect grab-and-go bag for a quick weeding session or a full day in the garden.
Safe & efficient & professional: Pruner designed with safety lock help cut stems and light branches. Hand Fork and Rake is sharp and sturdy, make it easy to weed and rip. They will be your best gardening partner. Ideal for gardening gifts.The transplant trowel has the length grading marks including centimeter and inches, which can intelligence control how deep the trowel is digging.
Two Gloves: The garden gloves with claws make gardening work easy.Digging, planting,raking with the garden gloves without worrying about getting cuts and blisters.The gardening gloves protect hands from scrapes/cuts while working. Longer cuffs protect wrists / forearms from scratches and keep soil from getting in.The garden gloves are durable but not too bulky, especially for working with seeds / transplanting seedlings.


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