The Original Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light – Made of Metal and Steel

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Product Description

Bits And Pieces has been supplying high quality, dynamic wind spinners for over 15 years. Beautifully constructed with iron metal components and weather resistant finishes that will last for years. Each spinner is selected for its visual impact when spinning and the artistic design integration into your landscape. The beauty of any garden area will be enhanced with a spectacular Bits And Pieces wind spinner.

Bits And Pieces wind spinners are created with unique finishes and special effects to blend and enhance any landscape or garden area for an eye-catching and dramatic show -­­ day and night.

Metallic paint and foil is applied to the various shaped spinning blades. Bright metallic and reflective painting creates a visual sensation in the garden. Shimmering colors capture the glint of the sun and make any garden stand out.

New patented technology has created an LED light effect powered by just the wind. The attached LED bulbs light up automatically when the wind blows. The stronger the wind, the brighter the lights to create a special light show treat at night!

​Solar powered LED glass balls are positioned at the apex of the pole on the Bits And Pieces solar wind spinners. The panel stores the sun’s energy during the day to turn on automatically at dusk to emit a beautiful light show of color changing lights in the landscape at night.

Kinetic spinning action is featured on many of our wind spinners. Designed so that the construction of each blade spins in a different direction. Ball bearing construction allows our wind spinners to quietly spin in even the slightest breeze.

Equipped with powder coated heavy forked stakes to secure each wind spinner into the ground, Bits And Pieces wind spinners remain steady even in the heaviest of winds. Easy to place in areas of uneven ground surfaces.

Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Imitations – Our movement and light combine for a dramatic garden display.
Two tiers of colorful metal petals spin in opposite directions.
The 3″ diameter solar glass ball emits color-changing light by night.
Some assembly required. Instructions included.
Measures 27″ in diameter. Stands 74″ tall when staked, plus a 10″ fork to secure into the ground.


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