The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible: How to Grow a Bounty of Food in Pots, Tubs, and Other Containers



Harvest tomatoes on a patio, produce a pumpkin in a planter, and grow broccoli on a balcony! Best-selling author Ed Smith shows you everything you need to know to successfully create and care for an edible container garden, from choosing the right plants and selecting appropriate containers through controlling pests without chemicals and harvesting fresh vegetables. You’ll discover that container gardening is an easy and fun way to enjoy summer’s bounty in even the smallest of growing spaces. 

From the Publisher

growing container bible vegetables ed smith gardengrowing container bible vegetables ed smith garden

small space container garden vegetable grow farm ed smith

small space container garden vegetable grow farm ed smith

Plant pumpkin container bible vegetable garden

Plant pumpkin container bible vegetable garden

Pot container bible plant

Pot container bible plant

pepper grow vegetable herb grow farm ed smith

pepper grow vegetable herb grow farm ed smith

Start a vegetable garden — no backyard required!

Whether you’re working in a tiny corner of the yard or setting up on a sunny balcony or rooftop, no space is too small to grow your own food. Learn how to evaluate and maximize the space you have to grow what you love.

Select the best container for your gardening goals

Pairing the right pot with the right plant is the first step toward productive container gardening. From pot dimensions to watering and design considerations, Ed Smith’s insightful advice will help eliminate common container mistakes.

Taste success with expert tips for better production

Gardening in containers gives growers control over everything from soil quality to weed management. This guide’s step-by-step instructions take the guesswork out of optimal container placement, plant cultivation, and efficient maintenance through harvest season.

Discover Ed Smith’s prime picks

From beans and basil to lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and so much more, Ed Smith has selected, planted, tested, and tasted dozens of herb, fruit, and vegetable varieties that thrive in containers. Now you can try his personal favorites for yourself!

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Home gardeners will grow an abundance of vegetables and herbs following Ed Smith’s system for high-yield harvests. Expert advice covers vegetable-specific information, organic methods, solutions for small spaces, and tips for extending the season.

These detailed weekly to-do lists help readers learn exactly what to do in the garden and exactly when to do it. Packed with valuable tips and information, this guide can be used in any gardening zone and includes space for customized record-keeping.

With her “Like this? Then try this!” approach, Niki Jabbour encourages gardeners everywhere to expand their repertoire, with detailed growing information on 224 plants from around the world that will help shake up the vegetable patch.

In this beautifully illustrated, browsable handbook, bite-size wisdom, insider tips, and inspiring words from fellow growers highlight the pleasures of every aspect of vegetable gardening, from composting to starting peas and making carrot pesto.

Written for kids by a kid, this guide shows young gardeners how to grow healthy food, raise cool plants, and cultivate fun! Lively photographs accompany original, practical, and entertaining advice on growing and tending a garden through the seasons.


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